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Destroy your dark side, one social network at a time.

More than 90% of users have said something terrible online. It's time to make social media great again.

Our AI discovers potentially offensive or hateful content you or your friends may have created on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more so you can wipe your shit and destroy your dark side before it destroys or cancels you.

"I can't believe how much offensive shit I said on FB."

Understand who you are across your favorite products

Since the 90s, much or your life has been online.

We help you get 2020 clarity on who that is in two ways backed by the world's most powerful social analytics.

Fun, shareable stories

You've posted on 243 peoples Facebook Timelines including: 73 posts on Jennifer Chu's wall, 57 posts on Bobby Murphy's wall, and 45 posts on David Sousa's wall.

Powerful, filterable analytics

Who posts on your Facebook Timeline?

Powerful insights about you 💃🧙‍♂️,
what you sound like,
what kind of photos you post,
who your best friends really are,
across the products you use every day.

Who likes and comments on your posts?

Who do you stalk and follow?
Who are your best friends?

What kind of photos and captions do you post?

What videos and channels do you binge?

What do you search for?
What ads do you click?

What do you sound like and talk about?

What have you done? Who have you forgot?

What do you browse online?

1000+ happy beta testers have analyzed over 50 million posts, 1 million photos, and discovered over 800k+ offensive posts.

“Everything I ever wanted to know about who I was online... Covfefe helped me discover tons of posts to delete and also quantify my personality."

John C
Product Manager, YouTube

God mode for your social media.

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